Lumia 830 Will Be Launched By AT&T This Friday, November 7th For $99.99 On Contract

That day has come (or yet to come because it is on 7th November). The Lumia 830 goes on shelves this Friday, and remember, this one is still from Nokia. So make sure that you purchase it because, who knows, the Lumia 830 might become the last device released by Nokia before being acquired by Microsoft. If so, then it is almost guaranteed to become a classic. You will also be getting the Fitbit Flex health tracker as a freebie (value $99) along with your crisp new Lumia 830.

You will be paying $99 up front for picking up the Lumia 830 on a two-year contract from AT&T. You then have to choice to pay either $18.75/month with the Next 182, or $22.50/month with the Next 12. Or if you simply do not want a contract, then you will have to pay $449.99 flat for the Lumia 830. But if you compare that flat price with other smartphones, we can say that this one is “affordable”.

lumia 830

The all new Nokia Lumia 830 (or maybe Microsoft Lumia 830)

Let’s cut from the chase, and see the specifications of this device to see what exactly we are getting from this hugely attractive offer.

5-inch HD display, 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 10MP PureView camera, Qi wireless charging, extra back cover.

These look pretty standard, but the 10MP camera really does stand out mainly because of the trust that we’ve developed with the camera quality that Nokia delivers.

AT&T has also posted a great video on their website explaining, or I could say, boasting about all the new features of the Lumia 830. The reviews so far are favorable, which is a good thing.

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At the end, I would leave you with one question. Would you consider purchasing this new smartphone? Should I purchase it?