Longview Industry Gave the Public a Chance to Tour Their Tech Facility

For someone like Remi Purdum, hearing about the chance to tour one of the facilities of Eastman Chemical Co’s sounded like a big opportunity to let his children better understand science and how it is applied to real life. the decision may have been influenced by the fact that he and his family always see the lights of the factory but they have yet to see and ask about its inner workings.

The type of Event

The tour that Purdum and his family took place in was part of the Big Techs Event. Big Techs is meant to show Longview’s industries and technologies such as Komatsu Mining, AAON, Holt Cat, Neiman Marcus Distribution Center and Eastman, along with partaking in different interactive activities at some of the town’s museums.

What was it about

The learning services manager at Eastman, Peter Lamothe, said that he views this event as community outreach. What he hopes for the future is that the children who come to these events would choose a job in this field .

Lamothe has prepared guidelines for people who are interested in the field so that they could have a very clear and structured plan of this event. He sees this opportunity as a chance of increasing career awareness. He went on to say that if the company is succesful then it would attract more qualified people who would apply for a job there.

The activities in museums

Longview World of Wonders museum came up with a couple of very interesting science experiments and partnerships with Kilgore College, LeToruneau University and Pine Tree Junior High School. The experiments showcased there helped young children think of the processes that take place during a science experiment, stimulating their curiosity. For example, Tony Raymond said that there is a huge opportunity for those who choose a job in the field of STEM research. Children that want to explore the field of science may find their selves working in the future in fields that we have yet to discover.

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