Long Awaited iPhone 8 – What There Is To Know

Long Awaited iPhone 8 – What There Is To Know

If there’s something 2017 has failed to deliver and people have been really upset about it, it’s the iPhone 8. It was known for a long time that Apple intended to make this a late release during the year. That didn’t make things easier for people when the months started to roll by and there was still no word from Apple regarding the latest flagship and direct response to Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Now, it would seem that a new batch of rumors have sparked hope in the hearts of true Apple fans. Are you waiting for news about the iPhone 8 yourself? Be sure to take a look at the latest rumors flying around the community.

So when is this new behemoth coming out?

The release date is one of the most important aspects of the new device. People will be thrilled to know that, according to whispers on the wind, the new iPhone 8 will be arriving in September. This would fall in line with the release of last year’s model, the iPhone 7 and the iPHone 7 Plus. Apple is known as a company that likes to maintain traditions of sorts, meaning that they mostly abide by their own annual release patterns, so that’s an important clue to take into account.

The internal memo

You know things are getting serious when you have internal information leaked. Apparently communication between Apple personnel and superiors had been intercepted. To be more precise, we’re talking about an internal memo which details the periods throughout which staff of AppleCare are or aren’t allowed to take days off. This would of course have something to do with the release of the iPhone 8.  If we are to believe this memo, the iPhone 8 would be coming on the 17th of September. In the memo, the period in which people aren’t allow to take days off is referred to as “blackout days”.

For those that aren’t familiar with Apple internal lingo, blackout days is what the company refers to days that are expected to be very busy on the job. This would perfectly fit the description of the iPhone 8 launch, as there is probably no period throughout the year for Apple that’s busier. The release of the new flagship will most likely cause some massive commotion throughout the company’s stores and locations, putting all employees under massive stress.

Don’t put all your hope in one basket

It’s important to keep hope but not just dump it all in one basket, so to speak. Even though there are strong hints that the release might occur on the 17th of September, there are also voices that say the device launch will be delayed. Among them is that of company Finisar, which is responsible for providing AR depth mapping lasers (part of the iPhone 8 construction process).

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