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LG VR 360 And 360 Cam: Two Expensive Accessories For LG G5

LG’s strategy this year is to launch a powerful smartphone, which you can improve as you please. G5 will not receive only various modules that are attaching to the bottom connectors, but also two standalone accessories: a helmet for virtual reality and a camcorder that can shoot videos at 360 degrees. We were all asking ourselves how much will these gadgets from LG cost, but just now we found the answer.


Both LG 360 Cam and LG VR 360 were listed on the B&H store, which specializes in the marketing of photo and video equipment. It seems that those interested in filming at 360 degrees and wanting to experience the virtual reality on the upcoming LG G5 will have to pull $199  out of their pockets for each of these accessories. The price is, at least curious, considering the capabilities of both devices.

LG 360 Cam uses two cameras to achieve the 360-degree footage in 4k, but its capabilities are not indicated for such recordings. With a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, filming at 360 degrees will give you a poor quality compared to other solutions on the market that already record in 4k.


Also, the LG VR headset is more expensive than Samsung’s Gear VR, and its capabilities are limited. Although it doesn’t use the phone as a display, the resolution of 960 x 1080 pixels for each eye doesn’t suggest high-quality images at all, and the design leaves the outside light to penetrate into the lens area. Last but not least, the connection to the phone is done with a cable, a not-so-elegant solution.

It remains yet to be seen in the upcoming months if LG has made a good choice when choosing the accessories for G5. The phone will be launched on April 1, and the full range of accessories is scheduled to appear in the coming months.

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