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LG V60 ThinQ – A New Foldable Dual Screen Device from LG at MWC2020

With the foldable smartphone population increasing in the market, you cannot keep the South Korean technology major LG Electronics back for long. The company is expected to stick to its practice of using the MWC platform to announce its flagship smartphone models. The model will be named the LG V60ThinQ, a successor to the LG V50ThinQ, which was revealed at the MWC2019.

Dual Screen 5G Offering

Some details of this upcoming offering from LG have been shared in a South Korean media platform, The Korean Herald. According to this, the device may not be a typical foldable device in the strictest sense, but it has a hinge that allows you to add a secondary screen, which can be used to enhance the overall viewing space of the device.

The secondary screen brings with it additional battery power to the smartphone as well. The folding hinge provided on the LG V60ThinQ is likely to be an upgraded one according to this report in the Korean Herald.

LG V60 ThinQ

Only Device to Figure at MWC2020?

In the last edition, of MWC, in early 2019, LG had launched two smartphones, the LG V50ThinQ as well as the LG G8ThinQ. There is no confirmation yet on the company planning a second device for launch at the MWC2020, apart from the LG V60ThinQ.

There are also no other details like the screen sizes, the processor and RAM, etc. These details may emerge as the event is closer at hand. The MWC2020 will kick off on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain and will last 4 days till February 27. There are therefore 8 full weeks to go for the event. More leaks and rumors on the LG V60ThinQ will certainly appear all over.

There is no indication of the price of the new device either, except the statement quoting an industry official in South Korea that LG intends to increase its shipments for its domestic market as well as to the US and Japan in 2020. That may sound reasonable since US marketing is warming up for 5G smartphones and will heat up next year.

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