LG V35 ThinQ, LG Q7 and LG X4 Receive Software Updates in Korea

LG Electronics, South Korea has released the February 2019 software updates on three of its models for users of these devices in its home market, South Korea. The devices are the LG V35 ThinQ, LG Q7 and the LG X4.

Complete Update Details Listed

On its update site for each of these devices, the company has listed out the improvements being brought in through these updates. So, among the three phones listed here receiving the software updates for February, the LG V35 ThinQ will see a long list of performance enhancements, the other two phones, the LG Q7 and the LG X4 will just see their Android security patch and practically nothing else.

In the LG V35 ThinQ, some of the far-reaching changes the device users will get to enjoy include:

  • HD quality video calling technology
  • Changes to the Address book
  • Capability to attach large files like GIFs to messages from apps
  • Improvements in the Bluetooth functioning, particularly in automotive applications

LG Q6 Verizon

These are just some highlights. LG has listed the fixes that have been carried out of the issues reported by users. For example, there is a mention of how the fingerprint sensor on the LG V35 ThinQ has not been functioning in specific financial payment apps. LG says this has been taken care of in the update. There can be some minor issues to major fixes as well. Besides all these, the Android security patch has also been added.

Guidelines and Caution Given

In the notes given on the top of the update page, LG warns the users that there is a possibility that the update may throw up some errors. If the user has some important data residing in the phone, the user must take a backup. Similarly, the user is informed that once the new software update is downloaded and installed, there is no way the device can be set back to the older version. In any case, the security levels are far superior in the updated version and it makes no sense to want to revert to the older version.

And lastly, LG says it has made the best efforts to fix the known bugs as raised by the users. The changes suggested by the users have been accommodated to the extent the device would permit them to do.

As mentioned, all these changes are addressed for the users of the three models within South Korea.

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