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LG to Launch New W-Series Smartphone with Triple Rear Camera

LG is going to launch its W-Series smartphones in India soon. The new series of LG smartphones will be made exclusively available via Amazon retailer. LG smartphones are powered up by A.I. and the W-series will have the same features. This is a budget smartphone; however, it will have many features of an expensive smartphone such as a wide-angle lens, triple camera, five camera modes, and more. The W-series will be available in unique colors such as sea-green, electric blue and black, which are never seen before in any smartphones.

The layout of the W-series smartphone

The bezel for this series will be on the top. The W-series phones will have a water drop notch and a dot drop notch for users to choose from. The W-series phones will have fingerprint sensors placed on the upper half on the rear side of the phone. The volume and power controls will be placed on the top right side of the phone. It will be launched only in India and will cost about $144.6 or INR 10,000.

As per reports from 91mobiles, LG has planned to launch the W-series with top-notch features to fit the budget of Indian consumers. Since Indian consumers look at features as well as price, this smartphone is the answer to all the requirements of Indian consumers. LG has decided to spend more on creating a smartphone that has the latest features than spend on its marketing campaign as LG is a well-known brand. The pricing is used as a strategy to outwit its rivals Samsung, Xiaomi, and Realme. Like Samsung has created M-series, LG is set to create W-series of smartphones.

First budget smartphone with a triple camera

The LG W-series will be the first LG smartphone in the budget smartphones category that will have a triple camera setup. Users can get a live preview of three cameras simultaneously. With this smartphone, you can shoot in the night mode in low lights. This series will support Hi-Fi surround sound. This is the first budget smartphone that will offer 5G internet, a dual screen where you can multitask, and make it function like a mini-laptop.

If you watch a lot of videos, click pictures and listen to music, this would be the best smartphone to buy for a budget. The LG smartphones are popular for their OLED display. The LG smartphones have really good sound and display that makes them a popular choice amongst consumers of all age groups.

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