LG Rolly 2: The Ultraportable Keyboard For Tablets Has Received A Second Version

Easy to carry thanks to the compact design and weight, tablets are limited by the touch screen on which you can’t write as effectively and convenient, as writing on a conventional keyboard.

LG solves this problem with the Bluetooth keyboard Rolly 2, an accessory with an unconventional design, adapted to occupy as little space as possible while on the go.

Taking almost the shape of a tube when rolled up, LG Rolly 2 adds an extra layer of keys versus the four keys provided on the first Rolly version. The keyboard can return to its initial shape after being used and easily stored anywhere.


The great advantage of LG Rolly 2 against other models of keyboards that are rolling is that it is not made of silicone. The keys are made of plastic and can be pressed normally, providing the same typing experience as the standard keyboards.

Also, Rolly 2 can connect to three devices simultaneously, and switching between them can be accomplished with a simple key combination. LG suggests that the keyboard could work for three and a half months using a single AAA battery, thanks to a clever system of stand-by arrangements, which shuts down the device when not in use.

The LG Rolly 2 keyboard will soon be available in the South Korean stores, for the equivalent of $112. For now, LG has not announced any plans for bringing this product to the shelves of international outlets.

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