LG G8 ThinQ: Features, release date, specs, price, rumors, and news

LG G8 ThinQ: Features, release date, specs, price, rumors, and news

The online posts of the renders of an upcoming LG phone initially conceived as LG G8 have been noted although the LG boss of PR Ken Hong revealed that it is nothing more than speculation. Many thought that LG G8 would be a foldable phone. The renders also publicized G8 to be another phone with a notch screen and full display even though the fingerprint sensor and the notch resembling a water drop may have been lacking. Along with the dual-lens camera at the rear portion of the device, the headphone jack seemed to be at its position. These videos, available online, allowed the users to take a sneak peek at the device, but the features did not seem to be as impressive as they should have been or enough to shake up the world of smartphone buyers.

However, LG had other things in mind and after the official confirmation of the company about the release of G8 ThinQ, the users have got better ideas about the device and its flamboyant features such as the time-of-flight front-facing camera and the Infineon Real3 image sensor capturing light to provide more precise and accurate measurements. The feature facilitates faster performance and displays more effectiveness in ambient light, besides making it a better option when the users look forward to devices that reduce the load on the processor.

LG G8 ThinQ

Release of LG G8 ThinQ

The company has now confirmed that the MWC press conference is to be held on 24 February and it seems that this is going to be the perfect launch date for G8 as well. The invitation that reveals ‘Goodbye Touch’ also reveals that LG is likely to introduce the air gesture navigation feature and the touchless user interface. Despite the release of G7 ThinQ being pushed to May 2018, the arrival of G8 ThinQ is much before the expectations of the users. On the other hand, it cannot be ruled out that the dual display phone is not G8, which according to the rumor, should feature a standardized full-display design. According to another news source, LG may announce a 5G phone at MWC to be held in February and it is certainly not the G8 ThinQ. The branding is probably still undergoing discussion although the G8 is no more than a 4G LTE handset that may not arrive before March 2019. According to a few other pictures revealed online, the device coming from LG may not have the earpiece, but the company seems to be working with another technology, which is called “Sound on Display” that transmits sound through vibration across the screen surface. The rumors also reveal LG may offer facial recognition via a devoted sensor, and the company is probably also exploring the gesture control interface, which is relatively new.

Looks of the device

According to the renders released by trustworthy sources, the design is not similar to G7 released by the company last year. However, there may be some similarities with G7 and accordingly, G8 may have a glass back a rear fingerprint sensor, notched display and dual cameras on the back of the device. The 3.5 mm headphone jack and the USB-C port for charging are hard to overlook. It seems the company is also working on another model of G8 that is likely to feature in displays, so the leaks revealing the photos of the upcoming device is not the only G-series flagship phone you are likely to get during this year.

According to the rumors, the screen of the device may not include the square and wide notch to a waterdrop design just like OnePlus has done for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. Furthermore, the company may also be working on a new technology of display incorporating a speaker, meaning the users may no longer see the conventional speakers but enjoy the on-screen speakers. Additionally, the device may have the finest resolution with a 4K LCD on the screen.

LG G8 ThinQ release date

Pricing of the device

Based on the pricing of the G-series devices released previously, the company may stick to the starting price of G7 or make it a bit higher to about $800 and if it remains so, the prices can be considered low when compared with the devices of the other branded smartphones to be released. However, if you are expecting a low-price device, the G8 ThinQ is not going to be one of the devices you prefer.

Camera of ThinQ

The rumors about the camera suite of G8 ThinQ have been extremely light and we are not sure whether the company is planning to pack revolutionary features in the camera; so, for now, we have to satisfy our senses with the rumors doing the rounds. We already know how the company plans to use the infrared light just as sonar, another ToF sensor facilitating the visuals in the world of 3D. As the device does not rely on ambient light, it can be used for seeing in the dark easily. However, we have seen these features before so they are not going to be those pioneering aspects. Much of the hullabaloo is going to relate to the front portion of the phone instead of the back. Even though there is no certainty on the use of the front-facing ToF sensor, it can probably be confirmed that the sensor is going to be used for more accurate facial recognition as the technicality is similar to the infrared technology that empowers the Face ID of the devices from Apple. Due to a heavy inclination of the company towards facial detection, the company is going to lessen the tendency of the users to touch the device.

LG G8 ThinQ camera

Specifications of LG G8 ThinQ

Being a flagship device of 2019, the G8 ThinQ is going to include some top of the line specs such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. However, it would be wrong to expect that the device is going to offer 5G connectivity as a separate range phone with this connectivity may be released later. When it comes to the RAM and the storage options of the device, no revelations have yet arrived, but if we are allowed to make a guess, the device may have a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of the storage facility. The display of the device is likely to be upgraded to 4K resolution, a feature that may not add any value to the device rather enhance the cost. More rumors reveal that the device may include two screens with a 3-inch visible panel when folded and 7-inch when stretched out.

Overview of the release

LG has recently reported a loss in its profits even though it may not be so huge to put the company out of business. While the scenario does not look so good, the company can get a chance to recover the loss and redeem the opportunity. The Korean mobile phone giant can also reveal a new image with the release of this device in 2019. With high stakes already, the company has decided to raise the prices to compete with the rivals in this business. While the prices of the smartphone are increasing every year, it seems that LG has been able to hold on to the cost of the devices even though there is nothing stopping the rest. Amidst all this, the company has to prove itself differently with the release of this device as the Smartphone of this company look great on paper, although does nothing good to rev up the sales every year and until then, people need to wait to know whether the features of the device are going to bowl them over.



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