LG G7 ThinQ – Price, Specs, Rumors and Release Date All in One Place

LG G7 ThinQ – Price, Specs, Rumors and Release Date All in One Place

It has been some time since we have heard anything from LG, a sign that the South Korean company was at work trying to perfect their latest smartphone that they are going to release very soon, the LG G7 ThinQ.

Since the online community is always interested to see all the details concerning various rumors about phones that are in the works, we thought it would be best to take a trip down memory lane, as they say, and recount all that we heard so that we can see which rumor is true and which is false. After all, the South Korean company stated that they will have an official announcement on the 2nd of May. Our wait is almost over.

Jab at Samsung with an AI

Almost everyone is aware that there are always some rivalries between companies when comes to their phones, the most famous one being the rivalry between Samsung and Apple. However, who knew that LG could try to take smart jabs against Samsung?

Why do we say this? Well, LG G7 ThinQ is rumored to have the same AI camera app recognition features that make the phone choose the right camera mode when you take a picture depending on what you want to take a shot of.

However, this is not related to Samsung. What we believe to be a small jab is the fact that the LG G7 ThinQ is going to have a button that will launch Google Assistant. Samsung also has a button introduced on some of its latest smartphones that launch their own Bixby virtual assistant.

Hardware specs

From what we have heard, LG G7 ThinQ is going to come with the Snapdragon 845 processor and 4GB of RAM. Now, having 4GB of RAM is more than decent but with other companies boasting phones with either 6 or 8GB of RAM, LG might find itself losing sales. Their sales would not take a huge hit for this since having more RAM does not necessarily mean that the phone runs better than other but some customers base their decision on it.

The display

It is not often that customers really take a close look at the way in which a display performs. As long as it is not broken and as it displays the right colors most people are happy. However, they start to get annoyed with their display when they go outside on a sunny day and find out that even when they set the brightness of their phones on the highest setting, the screen is still rather dark.

And here is where LG G7 ThinQ comes into play. LG boasted that the phone’s screen will reach almost 1,000 nits of peak brightness, a feature that we have also seen with other top phones like the S9 and the Note 8. What is different about LG is that they claim that their display will use 30 percent less power than others do. Since we know that the biggest battery drainer is the display, we are more than excited to see this feature in reality.

Cool color options

LG is not known for its trendy color options that allow users the variety to choose the one that they like best. However, the LG G7 ThinQ is rumored to come in a number of colors. Apart from the classic black and silver color options, we can expect to see a pastel pink, an ocean blue, and a dark blue color variant, showing that LG is willing to take risks in order to fit the desires of their customers.

Top notch choice

Yes, the LG G7 ThinQ is going to come with the top-notch design that we have seen all over the market already but it has the option to cover it. This means that users have the option to modify their screen so that the top-notch is covered and their screen had the more classic display that they have gotten used to.

Headphone jack and speaker

If you were afraid that LG might pull an Apple-like stunt by removing the headphone jack rest assured, they are not going to do that. Moreover, the phone is going to come with Hi-Fi Quad DAC so that high-end headphone users can enjoy the bass, the treble and the clear sounds of their favorite songs.

The South Korean company is also going to introduce a feature that they call “Boombox Speaker”. They say that with this feature the base sound level will be 10 times louder than the regular one. If you place your phone on a solid surface then the sound will be amplified even more.

Cheap or not – what can we expect

When it comes to LG, they created a place for them on the market by always having decent phones that were slightly cheaper than the phones their rivals had on the market. Now, from what we have seen with the LG G7, which can be found online ranging between 900 and 950 dollars, the same thing could happen with the LG G7 ThinQ.

And if that is the case then the phone will be right up there with the phones from other rival companies. If this were the case then we would have to wonder what people would choose. However, that is the question that we will ask ourselves after the phone is launched.



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