LG G6 Verizon Customers Get Software Updates; Upgrade to Android Pie Around the Corner Too

The LG G6 smartphone has been in the news for the last two days. Today, Verizon has released the January software update for the phone. Meanwhile a couple of days back the phone has appeared on the benchmarking platform Geekbench where it features the Android Pie operating system.

Verizon Sends the OTA Firmware Update

As per the Verizon website, it has released the software version VS98820f for the users of the LG G6 on Verizon subscription. The update is purely about the Android security patch. In normal circumstances, they would add the other areas of an update, the fixing of known issues or bugs and in a lot of cases, the performance improvement updates as well. But these are missing in the notes accompanying the update announcement for LG G6.

Software Upgrade to Android Pie

As indicated above, LG G6 (LGE LG-H870) has been seen on the Geekbench platform recently with the OS mentioned as Android Pie. This definitely means the device is up for an upgrade soon. That doesn’t come as a surprise since the device figures in the list of LG smartphones eligible for receiving the upgrade to the Android Pie version 9.0 operating system from the Android Oreo running on it.

LG G6 Software update

But Some Concerns on Performance

The issue of concern for LG, however, is that the LG G6, with 3 GB RAM and the quad core processor first launched in 2017 (it’s a 2-years old phone) has not come up with impressive scores on Geekbench. It is obvious from the Geekbench report that the LG G6 has scores of 1728 on single core and 3554 in multiple cores. These are seen a below par as the phone used to score much higher scores earlier and with the Android Pie it should have scored more. The company is reportedly in the process of optimizing different parameters on the phone before releasing the firmware update.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that most other models of LG will receive the Android Pie upgrade only later in the year, possibly not within the first quarter. The only phone to have received the upgrade is the LG G7 One. And that must have been because it is an Android One phone and there’s very little the phone maker has to do to tweak the OS to suit the device.

Wait for the update of the status on the Android Pie updates for the LG phones.

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