LG G6 Update and Leaks on New Bonus Features

If you are not an LG owner, then this news might not seem as much to you, but for the LG lovers, the new bonus features of the LG G6 could turn out to be just what they expected.

Update on new features

Two of the new features LG included in their G6 mobile phone are: more storage and high-resolution audio. Consumers will be able to choose storage from 32 GB up to 128 GB and enjoy high-resolution audio with the headphones B&O that come included.

Both new versions of the phone G6 will receive new software which will come with a couple of new features.

So far, some of the new features the company has announced are: Faceprint, a feature which allows you to unlock your phone without touching a single button, just through face recognition.

If you are one of those people who use their phone for work or social activities purposes almost all day long, then the Low Power Consumption feature will be the answer to your low battery problems. This new element will improve your battery’s life and will reduce latency issues. Although this is a plus, the fact that the battery is non removable could represent a minus for some users.

But what about those annoying times when you want to take an important photo and afterward you realize your finger covered one of your friend’s face? The improved G6 version comes with a Covered Lens alert to ensure no more fingers cover you photos.

The phone is also water and dust resistant, with a beautiful display and a camera which offers wide angles.

The company has no release date yet nor a price range; however, they did announce that the two new variants will come in different colors: Asro Black, Marine Blue and Terra Gold.

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