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LG G5 Teardown

LG G5 Teardown 1

LG is one of the few manufacturers who listened to the wish of the users to include a removable battery and a microSD slot on its high-end range smartphone models. And with the switch to the modular design, the options for extending the functionality and repairing a high-end smartphone took an unexpected degree of flexibility by establishing a benchmark for other players in the market.


According to the analysis made by the specialists from iFixit, with just a little skill, you can fully dismantle an LG G5 phone to its last component, beginning with the extraction of the battery, fixed into a module that contains the USB port, an external loudspeaker, and even some antennas.

After extracting the battery, you then only need to open two screws and clamps, thus separating the display from the unibody case, a well-worn aluminum alloy called LM201.

The modular design concept has been picked up and the less visible components, such as the three modules for the camera, the screen, and the motherboard, all of which can be removed and replaced without too much difficulty.


The only less-pleasant aspects are represented by the usage of an excessive amount of adhesive for attaching the lower module, and sticking the screen to the glass shield, the cost of replacing them together being higher.


LG G5 gets a score of 8/10 points, according to the iFixit assessment system. To make a small comparison, its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has obtained only 3 points.

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