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LG G4 Gets Android Nougat Update With New Fixes

Everyone on the planet that follows news at least a little most likely knows that Google are preparing the launch of their newest installment in their mobile operating system line. We’re talking about Android O (also known as Android 8.0), of course. However, there are still a lot of devices out there that didn’t even get updated to Android Nougat yet, and there are a couple of reasons for this, such as:

  • OTA rollout fragmentation (soon to be fixed by Android O)
  • Aging devices
  • Lack of sign up for support

One of these cases used to be the LG G4. However, while the LG G4 is certainly an old smartphone that less and less people gravitate towards, it has its perks and there are still a lot of people using it in the world. And now the aging device is getting the Android Nougat treatment at last. But there’s a catch to this, so keep reading to find out what is happening with the LG G4.

Update Comes to Select Devices Only

Unfortunately for most LG G4 owners out there, the device’s update to Android 7.0 Nougat will come only to select devices. So what are the criteria according to which this will happen? Well, there is only one actually, and that is geographical positioning. The update will come for devices situated only in South Korea, the company’s homeland. Although the US is the biggest market for LG, the update to Nougat for the LG G4 won’t come there, which is a shame.

And there’s also another catch to this: the update won’t roll out over the air as we’re used to with these sorts of processes, but take a rather odd route. The update to Android Nougat for the LG G4 will be available only through the LG Bridge app.

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  2. This article is so much bs. It’s supposed to be released ota soon to South Korea and then to US and other markets. Please don’t write an article when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  3. “Although the US is the biggest market for LG, the update to Nougat for the LG G4 won’t come there, which is a shame.” Source?

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