Let’s convert PDF to Word

PDF’s are great; they save storage space, compatible with most systems, and more secure than other files. However, there are a number of reasons why you have to convert PDF files into MS Word format. One of them is when you need to make a few changes on a final document and you don’t have access to the original doc or if you don’t want to go back and forth with the source. Fortunately, there are applications that can easily convert PDF files into MS Word. Here are 3 of those ways/apps.

Using various web based software

If other non-web based conversion apps (such as Adobe or Microsoft Word) have poor transition, you can opt for various online services in converting PDF. These web based software provide the same process with all you have to do is choose what conversion method to use and the file will be uploaded. The converted file may then be sent via email or have to be downloaded.

Find out which of the following will suit your needs best.

  1. PDF Pro

Aside from PDF files, this freemium program also works with PNG, Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. As such, users have the freedom to go between different formats and process batches of multiple documents at once. However, you need to get the unlimited downloads for a monthly fee ($4) because the free version only allows up to 3 downloads.

  1. PDF Converter

Although the free version only gives you 2 converted pages of PDF doc, the $9 per month subscription when you go for the premium is so much more! Aside from directly converting not just to a Word format, you can also transform files into Powerpoint, Excel, and others. Converting your files are made easy as this is a solid service that can get you the return of you buck especially if you need to do a lot of conversions in a month.

  1. PDF to DOC

A host of other formats can be converted through this program aside from PDF files. These include jpg files, docx, text files and other formats. If you have huge projects and want to convert a lot of PDFs, in one go, PDF to DOC will do just that – seamlessly.

Using Microsoft Word

Simply click open the PDF file to a fresh MS word document and Word will automatically convert it. When you click Open, there’s a small pop up window that informs you that Word will try to convert the PDF file and that it may take a bit of time when doing so. After you click OK, the file will open and you can then start editing it. Of course, the formatting may differ from the original file especially if it contains lots of graphics.

Using Adobe Acrobat


If what you need is a one-day conversion only, Adobe offers a 7day trial period after which you have to pay the monthly fee of $13. But if you need to get conversions daily, the monthly fee will be worth it.

Steps to convert PDF using Adobe Acrobat

With your PDF file open, click the Export PDF found on the right-hand side. Then click on MS Word, choose the specific format you want (.doc or .docx) and then click Export. Adobe will then convert the file and may not be able to preserve the formatting 100% but it’s the best so far compared to other programs. A quick check will be needed to ensure all the format is good and then save to your preferred location.

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