Leaks Suggest that Apple is Preparing the Biggest Change ever Imagined for the new iPhone X

By now, every Apple fan knows that the company is planning to release three updated iPhone X models. The devices will come later this year and, thanks to some leaks, those who are waiting to get their hands on them have found out a part of their features.

Most of the rumors claim that Apple wants to introduce a direct successor for the current iPhone X. In addition, the company will most likely release a bigger iPhone X Plus and a cheaper iPhone with the all-screen design. This move could be justified by Apple’s intention to enlarge their area of customers, especially with the more affordable device from the line.

What do rumors say about the new iPhones?

With all the mystery around the new phones, fans still managed to find out some of their potential features. For example, the iPhone X Plus will probably come with a 6.5-inch display and in this case, it will be the biggest display ever seen on an iPhone.

The iPhone X Plus will finally meet the users’ request for a bigger smartphone from the line. How did we get the idea that this device will fulfil this need? The newest version of the iOS 12 beta presented an icon which is, supposedly, showing the bigger iPhone.

The discovery was made by Guilherme Rambo, a writer for 9to5Mac and iOS developer. The icon isn’t a detailed image of the hardware, but it confirms the rumors about Apple’s intention to release an iPhone X Plus later this year.

The devices are still wrapped in a lot of mystery

Even with the mentioned picture, we cannot be sure whether the tech giant will keep this design or choose another one. The same iOS 12 beta provided another glimpse of what it seems to be a new line of iPads inspired by the iPhone X’s design. It looks like drastically reduced bezels will be the trend used for the new Apple devices.

When will the new iPhones appear

Although we don’t have any official information yet, Apple is expected to organize an important hardware event in September. With this occasion, they will showcase their future iPhones and iPads. The event will be used for announcing the more affordable iPhone as well. Potential users will find out what it looks like and see the available colours.

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