Leaks of Next iPhone 9 Front Panels Suggest New Features

If you want to buy an iPhone on a budget, get excited because a new iPhone leak gives us a confirmation that Apple is planning to launch three new handsets this year, the series including a budget one. A prolific Apple leaker, Benjamin Geskin, who we trust because of his accurate leaked details about iPhone X prior to release, shared a photo on Tuesday showing three different sized display panels which proves that Apple will bring to lower price point its bezel-reduces design.

What the panels suggest

In the photo, we mentioned we could see panels of 6.5 inches, 6.1 inches, and 5.8 inches. An updated version on the $999 iPhone X is expected this year due to the 5.8-inch panel which matches the model’s size. Moreover, the two other panels show what Apple is preparing. Ming-Chi Kuo, another analyst, thinks that the 6.1-inch device will be the budget iPhone which comes at the cost of $700 and face recognition beside other features.

In order to keep the device at low cost, it will have an LCD display contrary to the other two handsets which come with a premium OLED screen and a fantastic dual camera. The 6.5-inch model comes with dual SIM card support costs $999 while the 5.8-inch one’s cost will drop by $100.

Regarding the 6.1-inch model, the price will be similar to the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 which was launched at the same time with iPhone X at the expense of $699 and an iPhone 7 like the design. This release means that the Face ID and large display features will come packed with a significant drop in price. The same analyst also stated that the buyers of this handset would benefit from a range of five colors such as red, blue, orange, grey and white.

The 6.1-inch model could claim the same price point as the 4.7-inch iPhone 8, the $699 phone that launched alongside the iPhone X but with a similar design to the iPhone 7. The release would bring a giant display and Face ID at a far cheaper price point. Kuo also suggested the phone could come in an array of colors that includes grey, white, blue, red and orange.


The OLED screen helps the „notch” be less evident by switching off individual pixels, so it is still to be clarified how the screen will look like an LCD version. Another report about Apple says that to create the reduction of the connectors from 4-4.5mm down to 2-2.5mm, the company will use a 0.3t LED chip, another innovative break as a 0.4t chips is used in most phones.

Now, we only need to wait for the date of the reveal.

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