Leaked Images of Samsung Galaxy Active Rugged Phone Confirm Sturdy Design

Images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Active rugged phone have been leaked online, and it seems like the phone will be coming in collaboration with AT&T. However, as of now, there has been no official information shared on the phone by neither Samsung nor AT&T; therefore, it’s tough to confirm anything.

It’s noteworthy that this very phone was also seen earlier this year at the MWC 2019, and was said to be a rugged version of the Galaxy S9; however, that news didn’t turn out to be true. Moreover, while the phone does seem to pack all the performance-related specs of the flagship Galaxy S series phones, it is light years apart in terms of design. But then again the phone does absolute justice to Samsung’s “Active” smartphone series, despite being blatantly different from its galaxy S counterpart. After all, the phone is still using physical buttons in this day and age when smartphones have moved to all-screen fronts years ago.

Built to Last

One thing’s for sure, the Galaxy Active could survive an apocalypse with that rugged design. It will definitely be water and dust-proof to some extent, but we can’t exactly say how much. It has what appears to be military-grade drop protection on the sides, however, no details about this are known yet. Another intriguing design aspect is what appears to be a kind of lock on the back of the phone. It has three buttons on the front side for home, multitasking, and back. On the rear side, it has a single camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy Active

Samsung Galaxy Active rugged smartphone for AT&T

Another noteworthy factor of this render that’s going viral is the AT&T network connection. The top left corner of the phone shows AT&T on the status bar, which means that the phone will possibly run on the AT&T network by default. This will be Samsung’s second collaboration with a networking company in recent days, as The Samsung Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Note 10 both come in a 5G variant on Verizon. Tech enthusiasts are also speculating that the “August 9” date on the status bar could possibly be a launch date, in which case the phone is only a week away from launch. If this is true, the phone will come only 2 days after the launch of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Let’s hope that the rumors come true and we get to see the launch of this beast of a phone later this week.

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