Leaked images of New iPhone Fast Charger

We were recently teased that this year’s Apple smartphones line-up will consist of a number of new devices which will also come with a fast charger out of the box. If this charger is said to have even remotely similar fast charging speeds to the Android fast chargers, then this means that Apple would have to use a USB Type-C cable as the adapter. Today we finally have a look at what this fast charger is going to look like, courtesy of Macotakara. If you want to know more about this adapter, then feel free to read on.

Adapter specs

The Japanese blog did not only get one picture of the device but multiple ones, showing us how it is supposed to look from a number of different angles. The first thing that we can notice is that the charger uses a USB-C adapter whereas Apple usually used to employ USB-A. This is a clear indicator that the rumors stating that Apple was thinking of leaving their Lightning cable behind do hold some truth to them. However, these rumors said that 2018 iPhones will still have their Lightning ports.

This set of somewhat conflicting information ultimately points out that this shift towards USB-C does not mean that Apple will drop Lightning altogether. We will probably get to see a Lightning port on the connecting end of the cable that interacts with the phone and USB-C on the other end, making for a simple transition that does not affect the company that much.

Problems with the adapter

Previous rumors pointed to the fact that Apple was indeed working on a fast charger, but the designs for it were completely different from what we are seeing now. Previous leaks pointed to a more oval like plug whereas this one looks like it comes from the other end of the spectrum. Moreover, on the side, we see some writing on a font that Apple has never used before, which is a dead giveaway that what we are seeing here is not coming from Apple. Yes, it is a fast charger, and yes it probably will be compatible with Apple devices.

However, it looks like a knock-off device that borrows plenty from Android designs. This means that it is probably coming from a third-party seller and not from the giant tech company. Regardless of this, this does not mean that some of the things that we are seeing here will not be part of Apple’s product. Maybe the two are more similar than we like to think.

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