Leaked: First Look of Android 12 Offers a Glimpse of Visual Redesign and Conversation Widgets

Android is all set to get a major update sometime this year. As has been the case with earlier updates, the rollout will commence with developer reviews and then, a full-fledged launch will take place sometime closer to the fall. In 2020, the developer preview happened in February. This year, too, the update should happen around the same time.

Android 12 leaks have been happening at regular intervals this time around and they have definitely contributed towards increasing the curiosity regarding the update. While there has not been any official confirmation so far, a lot of rumored information has come to the fore in the public domain. There are reports suggesting that the updated version of the operating system will boast of a new theming system.

Apart from the dark mode toggle, a bunch of customizations can be found in Android 11 presently. Several UI customization options are expected to arrive with the launch of Android 12. The next version of Android is expected to throw up a bunch of surprises and updates that would keep its loyal fan base happy.

Recently, a document containing some information about the Android 12 emerged online. XDA Developers have confirmed that the documents containing vital information about the update and the source code which Google and the developers share with each other have been compromised. Apart from that, the leakers have taken a bunch of screenshots from the leaked documents. These screenshots give one a glimpse of the redesigned UI and some of the changes that have been implemented.

One of the most promising aspects of the upcoming version is the new Privacy notification. When somebody uses the microphone or camera of their device, an icon will appear on the top right corner and show the notification. When you tap on the icon, you will get to know which app on the phone is using the microphone or the camera. This feature is quite similar to the one you come across in iOS devices. There are speculations about this feature being integrated into all the devices that will run on Android 12.

Another interesting feature in the Android 12 is supposed to be the notification shade. Unlike the notification shade in the earlier versions, which was transparent in nature, this one has an opaque background. The color of the notification shade might also get influenced by the dark mode toggle. Four square icons are what you will find in the quick settings. Interestingly, when the icons get activated, they assume a round shape.

When one looks at the widget sections in the leaked screenshots, one gets a further idea about some of the other new features in the updated version. One can see a new Conversation highlights widget that gives the user information about outgoing and incoming calls, text messages, and much more. All this information comes from the leaked screenshots.

A bunch of features, including the double tab on the back gesture, seems to have been inspired by iOS. As the Developer preview is scheduled to come out sometime this month, one can expect to stumble upon more information related to the Android 12 in the days to come.

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