Leak Shows: No Notch will Come with Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Android Headlines says the image you see shows a tint of how the awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 might look like and it came from reliable sources. It is somehow in sync with the previously leaked images of Note 9’s screen protectors and display.

You are not alone if you think that that is it

However, in the history of smartphone leaks, this might be the most boring. There is little difference between the Galaxy Note 8’s face and Galaxy Note 9. Somehow, unlike a major part of smartphones, a notable thing would be that Samsung will not risk with the notch bandwagon.

It was generally assumed that it was to be expected because the Korean Company competes with Apple. It can’t follow the same route at the moment because Samsung put itself into a corner with the series of public disses of the notch. Everyone from tech writers to Apple fans would laugh at Samsung if it went with the notch.

Let’s get back on track with Note 9

Through the years there were a lot of Samsung releases so frequent viewers know that big changes are not to be seen. It is natural that Note 9 will follow the Galaxy S9’s iterative upgrade which consists in a new Snapdragon 845 processor, new tricks with the S-Pen and a shifting aperture. Samsung teased us by scheduling the date of August 9 for its big release. Even though Note 9 will feel very familiar, it will be as an excellent phone as the company’s previous launches.

Before launching the iPhone 7, Apple holds back innovations for its “tenth edition” phone and major design overhauls, and it seems like Samsung has planned to do just the same. Spring of 2019 will be the season of the Samsung Galaxy S10 which is said to include a number of 5 cameras with two front-facing lenses and, like Huawei’s P20 Pro, three cameras on the back.

The public expects Samsung to skip the notch of this phone as well. Regarding the new S10, the Korean company will either stick with the traditional top bezel, or they try to break through with some ingenious way of fixing the front-facing camera problem.

For those eagerly waiting for the unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, you will need to book a flight to Brooklyn, New York City for 9th of August.

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