Leak: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Under Development; May Sport an Under-Display Camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Even before a week has passed after Samsung announced its second foldable smartphone, there are now rumors of the company planning to launch another one, possibly in July 2020 and the phone may be called the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Right now, it is being identified internally by the name ‘Champ’, these leaks claim. There are other details pertaining to this device rumored as well.

7.7-inch Display, Ultra Thin Glass Screen

Though the impression created earlier was that the Samsung Galaxy Fold, despite its $2,000 price tag was a successful model, critics point out that it was far from a perfect one with some technical and performance issues remaining. Samsung has tried to remove most of these in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The new foldable device, with the same form factor as the first one, will bring in further improvements as it appears. The display size is predicted to be 7.7-inches when fully opened. The plastic screen used in the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be replaced with the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) screen that seems to behave far better when folded and opened. The quality of the hinge is likely to be improved, it is rumored.

Under Display Front Camera?

This could be an important development if it is true. Twitter handle @UniverseIce (Ice universe) has carried this information in its tweet put out today. An under-display camera concept has been heard about in the past and at least Oppo and Xiaomi are supposed to have developed the technology for it. The broad expectation is if Samsung includes this in this foldable device, it could be an industry first.

The processor to be fitted in this new device is likely to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC or the Exynos 990 SoC. Those speculating on this device say that Samsung may make this a limited-edition phone with the top-end features and specs and price it also dearly. These are rumors and there is absolutely no confirmation on any of these from Samsung. The only reason many of these are being taken with some seriousness is that Samsung had made it clear that it wants to focus a lot on the foldable phones and has fixed a target for selling them in large numbers in 2020.

You may hear more about this in the coming weeks.

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