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League of Legends Discounts And Week 7 Champions Rotation

Good that we got rid of the previous rotation because the number of encountered Teemo was far too high. Now that this nightmare is over, here comes week with number 7, with a new rotation of free champions:

Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer
Fiora the Grand Duelist
Graves the Outlaw
Jax Grandmaster at Arms
Karma the Enlightened One
Lux the Lady of Luminosity
Nami the Tidecaller
Shaco the Demon Jester
Udyr the Spirit Walker
Xerath the Magus Ascendant

This week’s discounted skins:

Runeguard Volibear 975 487 RP
Blood Moon Elise 975 487 RP
Earthrune Skarner 520 260 RP
Pentakill Karthus 750 375 RP

If you liked the Jax in the rotation this week then you can buy it at a pretty good price:

Jax 585 292 RP
Elise 975 487 RP
Galio 880 440 RP
Shen 790 395 RP

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