League of Legends Discounts And Week 5 Champions Rotation

Another week has passed, and we can now enjoy new League of Legends discounts and the free champions of week 5.

Akali The Fist of Shadow
Anivia The Cryophoenix
Blitzcrank The Great Steam Golem
Fiddlesticks The Harbinger of Doom
Gragas The Rabble Rouser
Poppy Keeper of the Hammer
Quinn Demacia’s Wings
Thresh The Chain Warden
Twitch The Plague Rat
Yasuo The Unforgiven

If you enjoyed playing Anivia and found the perfect build for her, but didn’t have enough RP points to buy her, then we are happy to announce you that she is now one sale, along with Teemo, Tahm Kench and Yorick.


This week there is also a discount for 4 skins, but from my point of view, they are now that good to worth your RP points.

Buccaneer Tristana
Dark Crystal Ryze
Mafia Jinx
El Tigre Braum

The offer expires on the 5th of February.


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