Latest Ban on using Google Services by Huawei – What will be the Impact?

Latest Ban on using Google Services by Huawei – What will be the Impact?

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently been banned from using the services of Google. The government of the US has a list featuring several blacklisted entities. Recently, Huawei has also been added to that list. Though surprising, the smartphone company, due to its connections with the Chinese market, has been suspected of compromising national security. This move aims at protecting the rights of the people. Google has been forced to suspend its operations with the smartphone manufacturer. As of now, the entire impact of this move is unknown.

Since the products of Google are already banned in China, this new move will not make much of an impact there. However, Europe and American markets still depend on the services offered by Google. So not being allowed to use the Google apps will make a huge dent for the smartphone manufacturer in these countries. All the previous models of Huawei will have access to Google apps and services. The upcoming models will lose the rights to use apps like Google Chrome, Gmail, and Youtube. Since the manufacturer has been blacklisted in the US, the market share will see a considerable decline. Huawei has already shifted from using the Qualcomm processors to Kirin chipsets manufactured by HiSilicon. HiSilicon is a subsidiary company of Huawei which specializes in manufactures these processors.

Huawei future OS

The ongoing problems between China and the US will also add problems to this issue. Since the past year, a lot of Chinese manufacturers are suffering the brunt of this issue. Trade between the two countries is not as smooth as it used to be. Huawei is a company which has been bringing out innovative designs in their smartphone segments. The company was working towards becoming a pioneer in this field. Now with the ban in the US, it looks like this plan will take a huge hit.

Google has mentioned that the devices will lose the security protect services offered by the company in all of Huawei’s handsets. Huawei will continue using a combination of Android and Windows operating system as of now. Unless forced by future developments, it is unlikely that the company will use a custom operating system.  Lawyers working for Huawei are currently looking into the impact this ban will cause. It is believed that even though the company will take a hit in the short run, Huawei will be able to retain its market share in the long term.

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