Laptops with CD & DVD Optical Drives : Buying Guide

Getting the best laptops with a CD drive is a bit difficult these days. In order to attain an attractive and slim look of the device, most manufacturers are evading this part.

There are many things to think about and take into consideration when buying a laptop but don’t worry, we got you covered. Keep reading and we are sure you are going to find exactly what you need.

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Laptops with CD Drive Buying Guide

Laptops are one of the largest selling electronic gadgets throughout the world. Despite the mobile phones offering many facilities that a computer does, you cannot do without the computer. A number of tasks for individuals and businesses are better executed only using a laptop or a desktop. If you are looking to buy a new laptop, you should know what to look for before making the final call.

The inclusion of the CD or DVD drive is being increasingly avoided by many brands of late. If your intention is to buy a laptop that offers the best specifications and in addition has the CD or DVD drive, here are things you will have to bear in view.

  1. Processor: As you may know, the processor or CPU is the heart of the machine. Things you should look for in the CPU are the number of cores and their clocking speed. You must ensure that the laptop you are shortlisting has a minimum of 2 cores and its clocking speed is not lower than 2.5GHz. The other key consideration could be the make and brand. Intel and AMD are two major players. Both offer efficient computing capabilities.
  2. Graphics Processor or GPU: There are laptop models with integrated graphics processors or separate graphics cards. Though superior graphics delivery means you should be able to enjoy playing games on the laptop, for regular use too, you will need a good graphics processor.
  3. Display: There are two or three elements to be looked at as far as the display is concerned. Laptops start at 13-inches and usually go up to 17-inches. You could choose the size based on your need and viewing comfort. There are touchscreen displays that may add to the cost but their use is certainly more convenient. The performance of the display is measured through the screen resolution. A full HD resolution screen is ideal for the laptop you plan to buy.
  4. RAM & Storage: The memory component in the laptops has two elements, the random-access memory or RAM and the internal storage memory. You should not go below 8GB RAM for the laptop you are investing in. If you plan to use it for playing games etc., it would be advisable to go up to 16GB at least. You will find dedicated gaming laptops with 32GB RAM. The decent storage level is 500GB SSD or 1TB HDD.
  5. Battery: Battery is another key component in any laptop. Check if the spec sheet indicates the average battery life. This is the number of hours you can work on the machine once fully charged. 6 hours is a median figure. If the laptop offers 8 hours of battery life, you should go for it.

Frequently asked questions about best laptops with  optical drives

1. Can I get the CD/DVD drive fixed on the laptop separately?

No. The CD/DVD drive has to be part of the original design of the laptop and cannot be added to it later. You can enhance the RAM or the storage, but not a DVD drive. However, you can connect an external CD/DVD drive via a USB cable.

2. Do all laptops come with an international warranty?

No, not necessarily. It depends on the manufacturer and the reseller. Based on where you are buying the laptop from, the warranty may apply. Some manufacturers follow a policy where the warranty rights are transferred to the person using the machine. If someone buys a laptop in one country and shifts to another, the warranty is transferred to the new country of its use.

3. Do laptops come with MS Office pre-loaded?

No. Most brands don’t add MS Office as standard software loaded on their laptops. You will have to buy one. Windows 10 has nowadays become the default operating system in almost all laptops. If you already have the key for MS Office, you can continue using it in the new laptop you are buying.

4. Can I play all games on the laptop?

It depends on the laptop you have purchased. If it has a decent display and a RAM of not less than 8GB, then playing games is not a problem. However, you may not be able to play all games as the technical requirements for them may be different. Check the game’s requirements and match the laptop specs. The GPU, graphics display capabilities, RAM and cooling systems are factors that will determine this.

5. Can I watch Netflix on my laptop?

Yes definitely. You can watch all the OTT streaming content on your laptop. Your laptop has to be connected to a Wi-Fi source. The data speed of the Wi-Fi connectivity should be good enough for the streaming videos to run smoothly without buffering.

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