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Laptop Stands with Adjustable Heights on Deals

You feel working on a laptop while sitting on the bed or sofa is more comfortable if you had a stand to rest the laptop on. There are many types of stands available with a lot of features that will enable you to adjust its height and angle. Apart from the convenience, it offers in the posture and the viewing angle, it helps keep the heat generated by the laptop away from your body/lap. The material of construction could be different and the sizes and features can also vary. The choice is yours.

Collapsible Laptop Stand

This collapsible laptop stand is so compact that you can just fold and take it along in your backpack. When it arrives, there is no need for you to do any assembly; just expand and start using. You need not worry about the grip with the surface as there are silicone pads fitted at the bottom. Though you can practically use this stand for any laptop, it has been designed with the MacBook’s dimensions in view and works best with it.

This collapsible laptop stand is priced at $26.79, a discount of $4.55 over its original price of $31.34.

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Anypro Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is stylishly designed, giving you the angled platform for the laptop to be seated. Made of an aluminum frame there is a rubber sleeve to protect the bottom of the laptop when seated on it. The bottom of the stand has rubber bushes to offer protection when placed on any surface. The manufacturer is offering a one-year warranty on this stand.

The Anypro adjustable laptop stand comes with a discount of $5.05 from its original price of $28.04. The new price is $22.99.

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Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed and Sofa

This laptop stand is very useful if you work sitting on your sofa or bed. The height adjustments can be made to suit your requirements. The angle can be tilted to your level of comfort. In the living room, you can use it for multiple purposes. The design includes a mouse board which can be removed if you don’t need it. There is a provision at the bottom for the hot air from the laptop to dissipate. The manufacturer offers customer support where needed.

This adjustable laptop stand is on an offer price of $26.99 against the older price of $30.49.

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