Kindle Fire Won’t Charge – How to fix it

Kindle Fire tablets are the ones that come from Amazon, and people who bought them are pretty much happy with the choice they made. These tablets are affordable, have great design, and also work pretty well. Overall, a nice package. But, you may stumble upon an issue, and one of the possible issues is very annoying – when you find yourself in a situation where Kindle Fire won’t charge. We are going to share some ideas on how to fix this.

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What steps to take when Kindle Fire Won’t Charge

If your Kindle fire won’t charge, you don’t have many options, but we are going to mention them all:

  • First, make sure that your charging cable is in good condition. If you notice any damage, no matter how small it may be, it could be the reason why the tablet won’t charge. If you have another suitable charger, try it out.
  • Another issue could be the adapter. If it is faulty or damaged, the tablet won’t charge. You can’t charge the tablet without the adapter. Instead of plugging the adapter into one of the outlets, use the cable and plug it into your computer and try charging your Kindle Fire.
  • Try another outlet. This is not something that happens often, but yes, the outlet could be the problem. Switch to another one and see what happens.
  • Clean the charging port on your tablet. Make sure there is no dust or debris.
  • Reset your tablet. Sometimes, the software can be the one causing the problem. This could help. All you need to do is press and hold the power button and keep holding it until the tablet turns off. Wait a minute and turn it back. Perhaps it will charge normally now.
  • Factory reset is the last thing to try. Press the power and the volume up buttons. Hold them for 45 seconds. Release the power button but keep holding the other. Hold it until you see that the latest software version is installing. Let it complete and then restart your Kindle.

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