Kik Groups: Things to know

There are many messaging apps and services out there that allow users to meet new people from all around the world. And one of the options that is interesting to many people is Kik. If you just joined it, keep in mind that you have the option to create Kik groups and join existing ones.

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You can find two types of groups on Kik and those are private groups and public ones.

If you want to talk with your friends and have control over who is joining the group, then private ones are the way to go. You and your friends can exchange messages, photos, gifs, and you can also video chat with each other. You can join a group by getting an invitation, scanning a code, or by a group link.

For both types of groups, private and public, there is a limit of 50 people per one group. When it comes to public groups, you can join them as long there is a space available. Public groups are a great option to meet people with the same interests. When you join a group, keep in mind that you can only send gifs and smileys in the first 24 hours.

To create a private group:

  • Launch Kik App
  • Tap on the +
  • Tap Start a group and then tap the usernames of those you want to be in the group you are creating
  • Create the group name and add an image
  • Tap the Start button.

To create a public group:

  • Launch Kik App
  • Tap on the +
  • Tap Public Groups
  • Now tap on the + sign one more time
  • Create the group name and add an image
  • Tap the Start button

If you want to find Kik public groups, launch the app, tap the + sign, tap Public Groups, and then look for the topics you are interested in. When you find a group, just tap Join.