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Kiddle Is A Google Who Wants To Be Safe For Children looks like a Google for children, and its developers aimed to launch a search engine safe for the little ones.

Basically, kids can search for anything on Kiddle without the parents  having to worry about what they might find. According to the developers, when searching for a Word, the first three results will be secure pages and sites specifically designed for children, chosen by the editors of Kiddle. Then, the results from four to seven will include materials accessible to children based on the language used on the website. It is only after this when the query will include sites that are filtered by Google’s safe search, though intended for adults, because of the language being a bit harder to understand by the children.

If the little one is looking inappropriate words, Kiddle will block the search engine. Although its developers claim it’s 100% safe for children, the Mirror reported that it happened for inappropriate content to be displayed, such as a reference to the video where Khloe Kardashian is having sex or naked pictures of Vanessa Hudgens. After the journalists have contacted the folks at Kiddle, the problem was apparently solved. Yet another Twitter user has published a disappointing result, at least, a sign that Kiddle is far from being safe.

It is already known that Kiddle is not a Google product, but a spinoff with a third company which uses the function of Google’s safe search. One more thing to note would be that it doesn’t store personal information and it automatically deletes the search history every 24 hours.

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