KGI Securities Predictions on iPhone 8

The iPhone is one of the most iconic smartphones in the world, even more so because it’s perhaps the best as well. This is why the upcoming launch of the iPhone 8 is already the biggest and most talked about event of the year, even though we don’t even know when that will be exactly. Thankfully, this is why rumors and predictions exist. Today we bring to you the newest set of predictions by KGI Securities, a very respected source in this area. The new reports compiled by their analysts not only tackle the iPhone 8, but the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7c even.

However, the reports do not refer to the phones by their respective number or number plus letter denomination. Instead, they differentiate between them in regards to screen size and display type. Thus, we have the 4.7-inch LCD, the 5.5-inch LCD and the 5.8-inch OLED. Thus, the iPhone 8 is referred to as the OLED iPhone in KGI Securities reports. So what do these reports reveal? Well, technically speaking they don’t reveal anything, as they are not official by any means. But they do propose an interesting theory. Allow us to elaborate.

So, the first thing that these reports claim is that the three new iPhones will be launched together. They are expected to go into production in September, and then subsequently they will start rolling out to shops. However, there is clear indication (as the reports claim, not us) that the official arrival on the market might be delayed for 2018, which is something that has been proposed for a while now actually.

But these are just predictions and rumors. We can’t know anything for sure until Apple make a statement, so take everything that you just read here with a grain of salt.

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