Key Specs Comes on MacBook Pro 2017

From what it looks like, Apple is trying its best with the MacBook Pro, so they are insisting on this product for the moment. But what should we expect at the WWDC event that will take place on June 5? Most of the modifications Apple performs will be internal, and this seems plausible if you think about the external overhaul for MacBook Pros that happened in fall 2016.

13.3 inches MacBook Pro 2017

This particular model will most likely come together with a 7th gen Core Kaby Lake-U processor made by Intel. They usually rely on 15-watt TDP processors (Thermal Design Power), but you can run it at 25 or 28 watts too. Definitely, this processors will run faster and will be more reliable, especially if you pair it with an SSD.

15.4 inches MacBook Pro

Most likely this will rely on a Kaby Lake-H CPU, which is a quad-core one with a 16 watts TDP. The best part about it is that they have a bigger cache memory than the U series, which are dual-core. In the past, people complained about Apple’s decision to use AMD Radeon Pro models, such as 450, 455 or 460 GPUs, so they might change that too. Moreover, the tech giant should offer 32 GB RAM on their high-end 15 inches device.

Trouble with the Processors

From what it seems, Apple is always behind other manufacturers when it comes to using next-gen processors. This has been a reason for complaint for a lot of people, but truth is that they have a lot of reasons to do that. One possible explanation would be the fact that it’s not that easy to make the transition from one generation to another when it comes to the CPU, and the process wouldn’t be smooth or stable.

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