Keeping Mozilla Firefox Up-To-Date To Ensure Stability

Lots of people are still using older versions of Windows, such as XP and Vista these days. This makes Web browsers susceptible to security and vulnerability issues. Mozilla Firefox is among the few browsers still offering support for dated versions of the operating system.

Microsoft has already ended support for XP in 2014 and would do so for Vista in 2017. As a result, this would no longer send security updates with some noted exploits, making it hard to maintain Web browsers such as Firefox on such versions.

Good thing though is that you can still use Firefox for browsing safely. This is because users hooked up with Windows XP and Vista will still receive updates which began in March 2017. The version of Firefox that you can get while you are at it is the Extended Support Release. Although there will be no other updates or features, users would continue to receive essential security updates from Firefox.

Upgrade The Windows OS

If you want to get the latest features from Mozilla Firefox though, it is recommended to upgrade the operating system of your computer. Take note that Microsoft still supports OS versions 7, 8, and 10. Other Windows versions no longer supported by Microsoft should be unsafe and unreliable to use. Thus, it makes maintainability of Firefox hard on such versions.

Upgrade To Linux OS

Alternatively, as an advanced option, you may want to switch to another operating system such as Linux. Here are steps to install Firefox on a Linux operating system.

  • You need to download only from the official Firefox download link to the home directory of your computer. You might as well choose the specific language and OS for your installation by visiting
  • Then, open a Terminal and go to the home directory.
  • You need to extract the contents of the file that you have downloaded, such as tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2.
  • If Firefox is open, close the browser.
  • In order to start Firefox, you have to run the Firefox script from the Firefox folder, which is ~/firefox/firefox.

At this point, Firefox will be able to start. In order to facilitate this process, make sure that you have created an icon on the desktop. Many distributions from Linux include Firefox, mostly having a package management system that would let you install the app easily. Just make sure that you are installing from the package management option.

Upgrade Firefox To The Latest Version

If you already have upgraded your version of Windows to a supported one, then all you need to do is to update Firefox to its latest version as well. Although Firefox is already set to update automatically, you can always do it manually.

  • Follow the path by clicking the button sequentially from Menu > Help > About Firefox.
  • Once the window About Firefox opens, updates for the latest version of Firefox would begin checking for updates and would automatically check and download them.
  • The moment the updates from Mozilla Firefox are ready for installation, you can now click Restart Firefox to Update option.

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