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Keeping With with the Latest Google Chrome Update

A new update to Google Chrome would change the way it behaves. Curious what it is?

It’s simple but catchy – a new search widget that would basically replay the default widget set by Google. This was after a ruling was made in connection to the violation made by the company with pre-installing services on certain devices.

This means that you can change the default search engine which transforms the widget into a shortcut to choose any 3rd party search engine provider. In this case, Google would ask users to select a default search engine for the widget in Chrome when you set up your new device.

However, the said update might not be available if you are living in Russia or China. Some users though are able to access the functionality with the experimental version of Chrome Canary. This version would get features faster in comparison to the standard app.

How did it happened?

The update followed after a fine was charged to Google after it has violated the anti-trust regulations of the European Union. It was known that Google has inflated the results of their own shopping service in the search pages.

This was already investigated some years ago when a series of complaints were made by rival websites such as Trip Advisor and Microsoft. This was in connection to the prominent position given to its own service by Google, demoting other rival services.

The latest stable release of Google Chrome was version 59, which is still compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X, and Linux. This was added on June 27, 2017 with several improvements and fixes. New beta releases are also available for download for version 60.

You should have your Google Chrome browser updated automatically to its latest version from the Settings menu just as you would on other Web browsers. It is necessary so that your browsing experience will be safe and bug-free.

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