JustHost vs. HostGator – Prices, Features and Performance Comparison

JustHost vs. HostGator – Prices, Features and Performance Comparison

The online web business is a hard one to enter. This is why you always have to make the best choice when it comes to the web hosting choice you are going to use. There are many amazing options out there to choose from, but the best two certainly will always be JustHost and HostGator. Still, if you can’t choose between one or the other, what are you going to do? Well, you can read this article first and then decide for yourself.


First, let’s discuss price issues on both JustHost and HostGator. Even though both these services have the funnies sounding names, we assure you their prices are more than serious. So, let’s discuss the JustHost Basic and HostGator Hatchling packages. The former will set you back 9.49 dollars per month, while the latter is way cheaper, with a price of just 6.95 dollars per month. However, when it comes to discounts, JustHost can offer up to 58% off, while HostGator will offer you only 45% off.

Still, seeing as how JustHost is more expensive than HostGator, it might be worth it after all. Then, if we’re talking promo prices, JustHost has one of just 3.49 dollars per month, while HostGator’s promo totals at a whopping 3.82 dollars per month. Needless to say, while JustHost is more expensive while you first look at it, if you consider promos, discounts and whatnot, it’s actually the better choice overall.


So, let’s have a look at features next for the Basic plan of JustHost and the Hatchling plan of HostGator. JustHost offers a free domain, while HostGator does not. Both HostGator and JustHost offer a free site builder tool in the price, and the both offer SSH as well. However, while JustHost offers PostgreSQL, HostGator does not, so you might want to remember that when making your choice.

Both HostGator and JustHost have the cPanel format on their Control Panel setting, as many other web hosting services. In fact, cPanel is the standard format in this case. Other programs such as Bluehost and GoDaddy also offer it. The difference between all of them lies in the fact that each respective domain has the liberty to customize cPanel in any way it finds fitting in order to better suit the needs of their public.

Moving right along now, while JustHost offers you your money back anytime you’re feeling disappointed with its services, and thus request it, HostGator only allows for refunds to be made 45 days after the installation at most. So if you ever fear that you might not like the respective service you choose, you might as well choose JustHost because they can always give you your money back.


JustHost wins here as well, seeing that they provide their users with the necessary infrastructure in order to get the best hosting possible. And JustHost does not only monitor its servers in the most professionally adequate manner possible, but it also fixes latency as soon as it occurs. HostGator also performs well in terms of loading speed, but JustHost has that extra something that makes it stand out.


It’s clear from what has been said so far: just go with JustHost. It’s cheaper overall, although at first it might not seem like it, and it also offers the more robust and reliable features out of the bunch. However, HostGator is still a worthy choice in our book. So if you feel like going on this route, just do what feels most natural to you and what you feel best suits your personal needs, tastes and preferences.



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