A SIM Ejector Tool Helps in Removing The Headband of AirPods Max

Even when a particular device has been in existence for a very long time, there are many things about it that you can keep discovering with time. That’s the beauty of technology and the primary reason why most technological devices get upgraded or re-introduced in a newer avatar almost every year. You can also discover new things about a product that has not been updated in a while if you spend a lot of time with it and are observant enough.

Recently, it has been discovered that the headband of AirPods Max can be removed with any basic SIM card ejector tool. The discovery of this particular mechanism has also indicated the possibility of interchanging headbands to arrive at a distinctive or different colorway.

Last year, in December, the portal MacRumors published a report which informed readers that swappable ear cushions can be used to achieve as many as twenty-five different color combinations. This report was written and published once it became evident that ear cushions were magnetically bonded and could be sold separately. It seems that AirPods Max has a design that is a lot more ‘modular’ in nature than imagined.

AirPods Max Teardown

iFixit, an electronics repair company that is widely renowned for carrying out product teardown of newly launched electronic goods, had de-assembled AirPods Max in December last year. After carrying out this process, they had put together a report which stated that one could get the headband removed from AirPods Max without tearing down the headphones. You just need to get the magnetic ear cushions removed, fold the earcups in a way that they appear to be flat, get a SIM card ejector tool, and insert it into a tiny hole that can be found above the speaker.

Once it is removed, you can see two spokes present on either side of the headband. Closer to the spokes is a small-sized connector that is used to transfer power and computerized data between two earcups. Interestingly, the connector looks very similar to the Lightning connector. It appears that it is fairly convenient for users to swap the headbands from different units of AirPods Max to attain non-stock colorways.

Before the launch of AirPods Max, many believed that it would not feature replaceable headbands. There was also speculation about AirPods Max offering customizability with the help of interchangeable earcups and headbands. It must be noted here that this particular mechanism has also been used in Apple Watch bands.

Airpods Headband

Evans Hankey, Apple’s VP of Industrial Design, stated that the company prototyped innumerable designs over a large period of time for AirPods Max. In October, Bloomberg published a report which put across the prediction that the global tech giant would do away with the idea of featuring a replaceable headband in a bid to speed up the production process. The prediction, as we know, turned out to be true.

It can be concluded that this particular system is in line with the modular approach with which Apple designed AirPods Max. This ‘hidden feature’ has, presumably, been incorporated to come in handy during repair processes and not intended for regular use.

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