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The June WWDC event might give Apple fans the MacBook Pro they want

Last year, developers had the chance of refreshing their laptop with a new iteration. However, it would seem that for many that scratch didn’t get rid of the itch, therefore, fans of the popular tech manufacturer might be looking at a brand new version of the company’s Pro line of laptops. It wouldn’t be unheard of for Apple to come out at such an event with a new MacBook Pro, and it’s as good of a place as any for an unveiling since most people just want to see a new update to the lineup, not caring that much about where it’s happening.

The MacBook Pro model would try and become a direct competitor for Microsoft’s efforts in the laptop/tablet market, as the Windows developer has already sank their teeth into this portion of the tech industry with the various devices that they power. They have a great advantage over Apple in the form of a wide variety of manufacturers that are coming out with products. By supplying them all with Windows 10, Microsoft has cut quite a big chunk of the pie for itself.

But Apple wants in on the action as its laptops and tablets have not been the sole rulers of those markets ever since they innovated them with the first releases that the company put out.  This year however, the answer might lie with updating the MacBook to feature the latest processors from Intel with the Kaby Lake architecture. The previously mentioned devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 already featured the esteemed chips meaning that Apple has to play catch-up.

There is a problem however with this plan, as it would mean that Apple would be putting out a new model of the device less than a year after its last. In fact, it would only be close to half a year since the last laptop hit the shelves. This might go unnoticed as far as some are concerned, but there are a lot of dedicated tech savvy individuals out there that won’t hesitate for a second to put the tech giant on blast for such a move. The new laptops would have a massive improvement onboard and a significant increase in power due to the Kaby Lake chips from Intel, so it would be even harder to justify the relatively small timeframe between the releases.

New AirBooks

Despite Apple coming with what seemed as far better alternatives, people still continue to flock towards the AirBook variation of the company’s MacBook range. This means that fans might also get an updated model of the line which would only pleased them further as the time for new release draws nearer.

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