Jump Technologies, the solution to your business needs.

In a world where technology continues to be the center of businesses and making work less time consuming while increasing productivity. Jump Technologies, this company is changing the business world positively. It is a smart, simple, cost effective, Cloud-based mobile supply chain solutions that cater to various industries. They collaborate with supply chain leaders in health care and companies focusing on office supplies. For seventeen years, Jump Technologies  has implemented new solutions in areas including mobile inventory management, replenishment, procurement, and proof-of-delivery software to automate and streamline supply chain management. These strategies have been effective as loyal clients increased over the years. They have build partnerships with more than 10,000 healthcare, office supply, food logistics, transportation and distribution customers providing wide-ranging supply chain experience.


Jump Technologies help clients with streamline operations, reducing costs, and improving efficiency within a single hospital or across a complex provider network.They are among the first companies to use the cloud to leverage existing smartphone and tablet technology to solve supply chain problems associated with procurement, inventory management and proof-of-delivery.

Jump Technologies is focused on designing products to:

  • Help facilitate business growth and adaptability
  • Integrate with legacy ERP systems through open architecture development
  • Be implemented in a short time span and train employees
  • To provide an intuitive user interface that makes training and usability easy for all skill levels
  • To support healthcare organizations looking to reduce supply chain costs.

Jump Technology is highly recommended because their supply chain solutions  have been effective and they are very skillful in what they do.

Some of the solutions that they provide are:

  • Cloud-based delivery platform – Jump Technologies utilizes low-cost, cloud computing technology combined with affordable mobile phones or tablets.
  • No capital outlay required – The supply chain management solutions seamlessly integrate into their existing business network utilizing mobile devices most companies already own. No need to purchase new hardware, network licenses or hosting services.
  • Unparalleled training and support – The applications are developed to be smart and simple, which makes the supply chain management applications easy-to-learn and easy-to use. Jump Technologies provides extensive training and support through highly trained staff.


You can find these information on Jump technology’s website and more;


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