Jawbone Up3 To Start Shipping To US Customers On April 20

The long delayed Jawbone Up3 tracker which was supposed to be available by the end of the last year finally has a shipping date.

Many people started giving up their hope for Jawbone Up3, but the good news is that this tracker is alive, though the level of water resistance that was planned for this device is not achieved completely. On April 9, the company announced that they will start shipping the preorders of Jawbone Up3 for US customers on 20 April. Jawbone expects to ship all preorders till mid of May and then they will start shipping new orders.

Jawbone Up3 To Start Shipping To US Customers On April 20_2

This date is only for US, Jawbone will be able to provide this device to Australia and other regions later this year.

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Jawbone announced about Up3 in the last year November and they were supposed to make it available by the end of 2014. But the company claims that they had failed to achieve the level of water resistance that was planned and they also apologized for the delay. The multisensor tracker was supposed to be water resistant till 10 meters, but this is no longer the feature.

Jawbone said that Up3 has a water resistance feature but it is same as other multisensor trackers. That means the device cannot be used while swimming, but it can withstand rain and showering.

Jawbone Up3 can track heart rate along with tracking distance, steps, sleep and calories burnt. The fitness trackers and smartwatches that are available in the market use green LED lights for measuring heart-rate but Up3 has metal studs which can conduct electrical bioimpedance measurements. According to Jawbone, it will give better and accurate heart-rate results.

In the US, the Jawbone Up3 costs $180 which becomes £150 in UK after conversion and in Australia, the price becomes AU$230. This multisensor will be available internationally later this year.

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