The Japanese Are Building An Invisible Train

The Japanese know how to create surprising concepts of future trains. They already created a train that travels with a high speed of 580 km/h, and Seibu Railway Co. now wants to build an almost invisible train.

Created by the architect Kazuyo Seijima of Sanaa Japanese Company, that recently won Pritzker Awards (Nobel Awards for architecture), the train will not be completely invisible, and it will reflect the surroundings in an amazing way. Because of the design, that can be applied to already existing trains, this project is more promising than others. Seibu Railway Co. offered the permission for Sejima to redesign Red Arrow train’s exterior and interior, to commemorate 100 years anniversary.

The train will be on the rail probably in 2018. Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about this project, maybe the reason is absurdly for Japanese to public expose how to build an invisible train before they will do this. According to Dezeen, the train’s exterior will be covered by a semi-transparent material, similar to a mirror, and the shape will be similar to a bullet.

Also, Land Rover might develop a car with a transparent hood. This technology has been presented for the first time in 2014 during the Edition of International Auto Show in New York. Basically, it is about to make a cover that can show you what is happening under the front wheels of the car. Of course, we do not know yet if Land Rover will launch a similar vehicle for the market or if this remains just a futurist concept stage. In any case, that sounds very good, and now you can see in the video below how the idea looks like.

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