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Jailbreaking Might Be Dead for Good This Time

The practice of jailbreaking has been around ever since the first version of iOS. It didn’t matter what Apple device you had, be it an iPhone, iPad or even iPod, there were countless jailbreaks for each version. But this changed with iOS 10, which Apple developers worked long and hard to make impossible to hack. And for the most part, they’ve been successful.

While many other jailbreak hackers have called it quits already, Chinese group PanGu promised they will be the ones to finally bring out a new jailbreak. But that didn’t happen yet. Some say it will still come in August at the latest, while others firmly believe it’s never coming. So what is the truth here? Well, we can’t say for sure, because PanGu have been silent on the topic so far.

Has Apple Finally Made Jailbreaking Impossible?

If you’re the type to keep up with tech news, you might have heard that Chinese hacker group PanGu had initially declared that they will be putting out a new jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 as soon as the 10.3.2 hits devices. However, this failed to happen in the few weeks that followed the launch of the new version of Apple’s OS, leaving many to wonder if we should declare jailbreaking DOA.

Rumor had it that iOS 10.3.1 had some KPP exploits after all, and those were patched in iOS 10.3.2 which allegedly would have made it easier for hackers to find them and use them for jailbreaking. However, seeing as how the group failed to release the new jailbreak even now, it seems that this will never happen. Or will it? The only thing that can clear the confusion is an official statement from the group, but that hasn’t showed up either.

What about you? Do you believe jailbreaking is dead? Let us know.

  1. It is officially dead. Those up to 10.2 are the only ones who can experience the iOS 10 jailbreak. Those beyond that, no hope anymore. At least no hope until Pangu speaks up and tell the TRUTH.

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