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Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 with Phoenix Update

The topic of jailbreaking has been a heavily debated one recently, and all for good reason. We all know the practice and some of us might have even performed the jailbreak process ourselves a couple of time. We and other Apple users even used to collectively love it at some point during this decade. But Apple is now killing off jailbreaking, or at least trying really hard to (and succeeding, honestly). Jailbreaking is finally on its death bed, which is a good thing.

While we do not advise you to jailbreak any iOS 10 devices ever, because the techniques and software for this is simply not reliable, you could still jailbreak some older 32-bit Apple devices if you really wanted to. Here’s how.

Use Phoenix on 32-Bit iOS Devices

You can use a tool called Phoenix that only world on 32-bit iOS devices, such as:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod touch 5
  • iPad mini
  • iPad 3
  • and iPad 4

So if you have a device newer than these, you’re out of luck. Phoenix only works on 32-bit Apple devices. But if you have one of these, then here’s how to jailbreak it with Phoenix. First, you need to plug your device into your PC or Mac and run Cydia Impactor in order to sideload the necessary IPA.

However, there is another way to do this, and it’s all online. You don’t even need to plug your device in order to jailbreak it with Phoenix. Just open safari and type in, and then tap on the Install button displayed on the loaded page. In order to authorize the necessary certificate for this, go to Settings > General > Device Management. And that’s it. We honestly suggest the second option because it’s way easier, and it’s safer too.

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  1. Je suis tentée d’essayer le jailbreak directement sur mon iphone 4S IOS 9.3.5.
    Si celui-ci fonctionne mal comment revenir à l’état initial sans perte de données.

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