It’s You Last Chance To Get An iPhone SE – Take Advantage Of It

It’s You Last Chance To Get An iPhone SE – Take Advantage Of It

iPhone SE (Special Edition) was truly a special model. This Apple handset was the successor of the iPhone 6S and it came with several improvements, but it maintained the iPhone 5S design. This smartphone was a popular choice among many users because it had an accessible price and it came with a small display, which was a lot more convenient for many users.

Apple discontinued it

The iPhone SE was announced back in 2016, on March 21. On March 24 pre-orders for it began, and on March 31 it was officially released. However, in September this year, Apple decided to discontinue iPhone SE.

This decision was made after Apple introduced the iPhone XS (5.8-inch display) the iPhone XS (6.5-inch display) and the iPhone XR (6.1-inch display). iPhone X and iPhone 6s have been discontinued as well. Even though some people claim that iPhone XR is the successor of iPhone SE because its price is more accessible, the new models don’t offer the same benefits.

iPhone XR is the most affordable one, but its price remains too high for it to successfully replace the iPhone SE. Its size is another problem for many users. With a 6-1.-inch display, iPhone XR has no chance to replace iPhone SE. Those who are looking for a handset that is accessible and/or small might have to switch to Android.

Last chance to get it

Since Apple discontinued the iPhone SE production, we won’t receive any more SE handsets in the future. However, at the moment, these smartphones are still available on the market. With a simple online search, you should find all the offers available. The good news is that the price for it will go down. Since new iPhones have been released recently and iPhone SE can be considered outdated, the costs will be greatly reduced. The hardware of this phone is a solid one and it comes with the Apple 19 SoC and you can get the 16 GB option or the 64 GB option.

Black Friday deals

If you are looking to get the iPhone SE while you still can, you might want to wait for a couple of days. Black Friday is just around the corner, and you might be able to get a great deal for the smartphone. You should keep an eye out for stores such as Walmart or Amazon. There are plenty of offers available, you just need to look for them.

Try to visit the stores that sell iPhone SE and see when their sales begin. It can be also helpful to write down their periods so you won’t forget them. You could also try signing up your e-mail. If you do this, they will send you a mail with their Black Friday sales as soon as they begin, so you can’t forget about them.


The iPhone SE has a design that is identical to the one of the iPhone 5S. There are only two small exceptions. There is an inset stainless steel rear Apple logo and matte-chamfered edges. If you previously had an iPhone 5S or an iPhone 5 you will be glad to hear that you can use the same cases for the iPhone SE.

When it comes to colours, there are four colours, the ones that you should be familiar with already. There is Space Grey, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. The Space Grey iPhone comes with a black front, while the Rose Gold, Gold and Silver models have a white front.


Another great advantage about the iPhone SE is that it is compatible with the latest iOS versions. The smartphone was shipped with iOS 9.3 and it is compatible with iOS 12 as well. Additionally, you can use features which work on iPhone 6 and 6S. Some of them are Live Photos, Retina Flash, Apple Pay and voice activation for Siri.

The perfect size

iPhone SE had a huge advantage: it was perfectly sized for our hands. In fact, Steve Jobs himself believed that iPhones should match our hands. He had some strict design rules and he didn’t believe that people would purchase big handsets. While there might be plenty of customers for large-sized iPhones, Steve Jobs was right.

Nowadays, people don’t really have a choice when it comes to smartphones. Huge displays have become the norm and it is hard to find an alternative to it, except for cheaper models. The iPhone SE was refreshing. Experts in ergonomics appreciated this phone because it allowed the thumb to reach the top of the screen.

While a perfect phone size does not exist, it is quite clear that the iPhone SE was easier to use. It fits comfortably in our hand and each gesture is simpler on a smaller screen.

Will we have a successor?

Even though iPhone SE was discontinued, hope is not completely lost. For a long period of time, there have been rumours which indicated that Apple is planning to release the iPhone SE 2. This would be the rightful successor for iPhone SE. According to the leaks and speculations that we had so far, iPhone SE 2 was supposed to look like a smaller version of the iPhone X, notch included. However, since iPhone XR already had that design, it is hard to tell what the future holds.

Many people believed that Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 at one of the events that took place this autumn. However, those events were only used to announce the new line-up, which did not include the iPhone SE 2. Some experts believe that launching three smartphones in the same year costed a lot of money, and it would have been impossible for Apple to release a fourth one.

Hope is not lost, as Apple might still release an iPhone SE 2. That is because there is plenty of demand for it on the market. Many users need a small device, and customers are looking forward to receiving an iPhone that has an accessible price.



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