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It’s Samsung Galaxy S20 and Not Galaxy S11, Confirms One More Source

Samsung Galaxy S11

It is not the first time this issue has come to the fore that Samsung may change the pattern of assigning the model numbers to its S series flagship smartphones to be released in February 2020. There is one more source now to claim that the company will call the three phones to be launched – Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This has come from a case maker.

Case Manufacturer Says “Received News” in a Tweet

The latest to carry this name change information is a tweet from the Twitter handle @HarmlessKarl who is the founder of Schnail, the popular case manufacturer. He says in his tweet that they have “received the news” that the South Korean company is going to change the name of the S series flagships. He has only named the three models clearly in his tweet, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Now, there is no confirmation on where he received the news from and how authentic it is.

There is nothing new about such information being leaked by case makers. It happens with most smartphones and other gadget brands. Samsung is not a company to hold on to information so tightly as Apple does generally. However, the company has not posted anywhere that the upcoming devices will be called the Samsung Galaxy S11 either. The market believes there will be a natural progression in the numbers and if the model released in 2019 was the Samsung Galaxy S10, then it must be the Galaxy S11 in 2020. Incidentally, the other player in this game of leaks of rumors, Ice Universe had also hinted through a tweet that it would be the Samsung Galaxy S20.

To be fair to those indulging in this speculation, there was a talk on these lines even last year when the company unveiled its plans to have a series of phones in the Galaxy A range from A10 to A90. These were indeed released and now, the past few weeks have seen their successors being released with monikers like the Samsung Galaxy A11 and so on. Does that mean the next year the model will become Galaxy A12 and the S series flagship will be called the Samsung Galaxy S21? It is difficult to make any predictions right now.

Await confirmation from the company.

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