Is there an alternative for control alt delete on mac?

When an app is not functioning on a Windows PC when it seems stuck or frozen, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time, and the Task manager will show up. When it does, you can click on the misbehaving app and close it. If you switched from Windows to macOS you are probably wondering is there an alternative for control alt delete on Mac, and the answer is yes. Keep reading and we are going to show you how to force close apps on Mac.

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All about an alternative for control alt delete on Mac

If an app is misbehaving on your Mac, you can force close it. And instead of using control + alt + delete, you will have to press Command+Option+Esc. When you do this, a Force Quit dialog will show up. Find the app that is not working properly, click on it, and then click Force Quit. That’s it. You have just closed the app.

But, there is something more Task Manager on Windows allows you to do – you can get info on processes that are running, performance (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.), Startup programs, and more. You will access it all by opening Task Manager.

When you press Command+Option+Esc on a Mac, you won’t get any details, just the option to force quit an app. But, you can get the info on CPU, memory, and more by opening Activity Monitor. Here is how to open it:

  • Press Command+Space to launch Spotlight
  • Type Activity Monitor in the search box
  • Click on the icon to open it.

When you open the Activity Monitor, you will get information on the performance, running processes, and more.

The difference between Mac and Windows is the fact Mac is using two apps – one for quitting apps, the other to get more info while Windows using Task Manager for all these tasks.