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Is There a New Jailbreak Coming Now That iOS 10.3.2 is Out?

If you own an Apple device, chances are it’s already running on the newest version of iOS, the 10.3.2, or will receive an update for it shortly. After iOS 10.3.1 was a meek, bleak and overall boring update that Apple gave us, the iOS 10.3.2 doesn’t seem much different at first glance. The update doesn’t bring anything astoundingly different to the table, but it’s still a very exciting update as far as device security is concerned.

With the new iOS version 10.3.2, Apple managed to take care of over 25 security threats, bugs and oddities across their three signature devices, the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. So, following this update, your phone might not look or feel a whole lot different, but it will be safer. And that’s always good news.

Perhaps the most exciting thing surrounding the launch of iOS 10.3.2 is that renowned jailbreak hacker group Pangu have promised to bring out a jailbreak system that will be compatible with the newest version of the OS. Until now, no jailbreak groups were even going near iOS 10 and all its variants, because Apple implemented a nifty little feature in the OS coding that made jailbreaking impossible.

The situation was so grim, that even Luca Todesco, one of the world’s top notch jailbreakers, had to call it quits. However, Pangu has promised to bring out a new jailbreak soon after iOS 10.3.2 hits phones. However, the team hasn’t put out anything yet. And nobody’s sure they ever will. While they might have promised to bring out a new jailbreak after the release, who knows, maybe they discovered they can’t do it after all.

We’ll give them a week and see if they put out anything. If by Sunday no new jailbreak is out, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s not coming.

  1. is articles like this that are killing the jailbreak community. People begging and basically throwing a tantrum with there “I WANT IT NOW” attitude! these hacker groups don’t owe you SHIT! they could easily give this jailbreak to apple for serious money but they’re not going to they’re perfecting it before release as is ALWAYS the case with jailbreaks!! The exploit wasn’t patched in the new ios either so they might even wait until its patched before realase which is also standard practice within the communinty! NOTHING has changed since redsnows conception. its all the same, you just have to wait and stop making out you’re entitled to a jailbreak, you’re not at all. maybe you should learn Chinese and read what is ACTUALLY happening rather than guessing with your 2nd rate journalism skills

  2. Pangu never “promised” a jailbreak. A video of them running a jailbreak on a iPhone 7 and then a Twitter post by someone outside of the Pangu team said it may come is not a promise by Pangu.

  3. I agree with Darren. I actually own both types of mobiles, IOS and Android but the way Apple try to dictate how users use their phones has always been their problem. They use the excuse of security, but we all know it’s about making money through the monopoly of Appstore. Apple have peaked but I don’t necessarily mean Apple are in decline, I just don’t think they will get any higher and this is mainly because of how they treat their customers and how they still have to have proprietary hardware and software. They will repeat the mistakes they made back in the days of PC v Mac and we all know what happened then.
    IOS simply has not progressed (aesthetically at least) in the same way that Android has and to make IOS look like something from the 21st century then jailbreaking is an absolute requirement. Without a jailbreak your iPhone will look and feel exactly the same as the next person’s iPhone.
    Apple seem to have spent a lot of time and effort on preventing jailbreaks, even offering large amounts of money to potential hackers and if I was Pangu or Taig I would find $200,000 hard to resist, so it maybe that we may no longer expect any jailbreaks from these domains.
    Apple have to move with the times because after all, there are more Android phones in the world than iPhones. I like the Apple hardware, I also like Samsung hardware and Sony and Google and may others but the locked-down OS of the iPhone is sending many users over to Android. Remember Nokia and Symbian? I wonder what happened to them 🙂
    One day Apple may release an Android device. Ahh I can dream.

  4. Luca Todesco gave up because of idiots in the jailbreaking community.I also don’t believe anything pangu says and highly doubt they have a jailbreak for release.As far as my love affair with apple that is over.I have traded my iphone 7 plus for a galaxy s8 and could not be happier,at least I can customise it and install what ever I want without being dictated too.I have been an apple user since they first appeared (yes I am that old)but I can honestly say I will never buy another apple product again.

    1. android fan boy alert! you can’t do anything significant on an android device without gaining root access! a jailbreak is for people who know what they’re doing. it just so happens that some repos cater for spastics and make modifying stuff that little bit easier. if all you had your jailbreak for is piracy then i’m glad you’ve switched to android coz apple don’t need your kind around here.

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