Is the iPhone XR enough? – iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS

Is the iPhone XR enough? – iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS

Why is iPhone XR such a great iPhone? Its camera is amazing, the screen is nice, it got some eye-catching colors instead of just the boring black and white. In some scenarios, its more expensive iPhone XS counterpart does not even perform as good as the iPhone XR. If you like the iPhone that got released before the iPhone XR, there is no reason you would not love this one too. They are all iPhones, right? Taking aside all the possible additional interesting features the iPhone XS has, besides the fact that it resembles the 4-year-old iPhone 6 which is not quite an advantage, why would not you get the iPhone XR?

Why should you choose the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR is not a bad phone at all. Taking into consideration the fact that it considered a budget iPhone thanks to its less expensive $749 price, it is good enough. This variant comes with storage of 64GB. If you want the bigger memory one with storage of 128GB, you would only need to pay an additional sum of $50. It is similar to a lot of points of view with its more expensive sibling the iPhone XS. Those would consist in the fact that they are both equally capable of supporting games such as Fortnite and Hearthstone thanks to their A12 Bionic processor and also video and photo editing sessions.

Besides that, the security feature for this phone is fingerprint-free as well using the Face ID which allows you to log in just by looking at your phone. That works thanks to the polarizing notch that hosts the depth-scanning camera in the screen measuring 6.1 inches. If you are bored and want to have some fun, Memoji and Animoji will make your phone more alive.

The screen of the iPhone XR, the Liquid Retina LCD display is as good as iPhone XS’s OLED technology. They are both a delight to look at. The pixel density of the iPhone XR is similar to previous iPhones with made the images and texts look sharp. If you are not an eagle-eyed nitpicker, then you will not observe the difference between these two phones’ screens. The touch to wake feature is known as an Android one is finally included in the iPhones as well.

What we do not like about the iPhone XR

What some users would be disappointed to find out is that the underrated pressure-sensitive 3D Touch feature is not included in the iPhone XR. That is sad and surprising at the same time because every other model since the iPhone 7 does have that feature. What is bad for Apple is that many users would make their decision based on this feature that the iPhone XR lacks. It is so searched for because besides the fact that it is quite unique, it is also very helpful.

The design of the iPhone XR might not be appealing to many possible buyers as it looks like a combination of new and old. The older iPhone used to have Touch ID fingerprint readers and bottom and top bezels which the iPhone XR ditched, but the aluminum edges and the rounded design is being kept. The iPhone XR will be available in red, white, blue, coral, black, and yellow. The colorful line of choices might, however, make users stick with the iPhone XR.

Even though the iPhone XS might have a fancy stainless steel construction, it still costs $999 which makes the aluminum XR look not that bad by comparison. The difference will not even be noticed if you are using a case. The glass back is still there so the wireless charging will be a possibility. What we are hoping for is that Apple would release a wireless charger too.

Another remarkable difference is that the iPhone XR is more prominent in size than the iPhone XS. It also weighs less. Your pockets should get used to bigger phones because it seems like they will become bigger and bigger in the future. That change comes with both advantages and disadvantages, but it still remains to see which one are those.



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