iPhones 2020: Leaks on Proposed Design Changes

iPhones 2020: Leaks on Proposed Design Changes

There have been widespread rumors that Apple will make some drastic changes in the form factor and other design parameters for the iPhones to be launched next year. One factor where everyone seems to be in agreement is that all iPhone models/variants next year will be 5G-enabled. That alone will warrant many changes. The current leak is about the antenna to be used in the new phones and the notch in the display, where the company is said to be trying out many options. There is also the suggestion that Apple could consider doing away with the Lightning Port and switch to wireless charging across the board.

New Antenna Design to be Compatible with 5G

Ben Geskin is the one to have sparked off this conversation on the possible design changes through his tweets. He has got a few guesses right in the past and the market trusts him to provide credible inputs. According to him, Apple would make the antenna on the next set of iPhones wider to accommodate the requirement to capture 5G signals clearly. How it finally plays out in the overall external design of the iPhone 12 remains to be seen. On present thinking, Apple can use ceramic, glass or sapphire material to construct the antenna.

Narrower Top Bezel to Accommodate the Face ID and Front Camera

This could be a massive change if it turns out to be true. Ben Geskin claims Apple is currently doing an exercise where multiple options are being explored for the front display screen. One of these options includes a notch-free screen. The top bezel will house the front camera as well as the Face ID sensor. Which design will be chosen by the company, in the end, is not known. Apple does this all the time; their teams come up with different ideas and many are dropped if they appear difficult to implement.

Apple 2020

Will Apple revolutionize the smartphone industry by completely doing away with the wired charging system? There is this suggestion that the iPhones of 2020 may all come without the Lighting Port for charging of the devices. There won’t be the USB-C type port either. It will be wireless charging all the way, again, according to Ben Geskin.

It must be clarified that these are leaks and the leaker himself has said that Apple is in the process of trying out various alternatives available to make the changes in the iPhones. So these may or may not be the actual outcome.



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