iPhones 2019: Apple May Keep the Prices Same Though the Phones will be Better Equipped

iPhones 2019: Apple May Keep the Prices Same Though the Phones will be Better Equipped

While some basic facts appear to be clear on what Apple plans to do with the release of the iPhones in September 2019, like there will be three variants etc., more information is pouring in. One of them says there could be some new elements added to the specifications of the phones but the prices may be retained at the 2018 levels.

Some Tweaks Likely with Each of the Variants

The new set of leaks, if one can consider these as such, speak of a few changes Apple is contemplating to include in the iPhones to be released in 2019. One of them relates to the lightning connector that might give way to the USB Type-C connector. This may happen with all the three, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Plus and the iPhone XIR or XR 2 or in one or two of them.

There are some rumors suggesting Apple may fiddle with the color options with some of the models. One such prediction is that a new color Green or a shade of green may be added to the iPhone XR models.

One rumor that has gained currency over the past few weeks is that the iPhone XS Max successor model will sport a triple camera setup in the rear. Now even the XR variant is predicted to sport a dual camera setup.

2019 Apple iPhone

Notch Still the Point of Debate

The notch on the display screen on the 2019 iPhones is another feature that is hotly debated among the fans and experts online. While one set of opinion believes there will not be any changes this year as far as the design of the display screen is concerned, some say the notch could be smaller in some models and bigger in one. One addition being rumored refers to some improvements in the grip of the phones with the outer surface being imparted a special coating. This could help with resistance to scratches as well, the rumors suggest.

Pricing Predictions

Lastly, the predictions have centered around the possible pricing for the 2019 iterations of the iPhones and the best guess is there will be no major change. The price could be $749 for the XR variant, $999 for the regular iPhone 11 or XI and $1099 for the top end iPhone XI Max or whatever name the company decides to give.

As usual, one has to add at the end that all these are just speculations and cannot be confirmed as such.

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