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iPhones 2019: A New Video with All Three Models in Dummy Forms

Not a day passes without something new emerging about this year’s iPhone models, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11 R (yes this appears to be the new moniker for the successor to the iPhone XR). The latest is a video on YouTube that has the three models, dummies, that show the distinction between the three.

The Rear Camera Setup Looks Clear

These dummies again show the rear panels alongside each other confirming what has been speculated for long. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are being elevated from a dual to a triple sensor arrangement. A close look at these images makes it clear that a wide-angle lens is being added. This is the area where there is a high expectation among the Apple fans since the photography will be taken to the next level with these iPhone models. There is also the confirmation that though the third model, the iPhone 11 R will sport only 2 cameras in the rear, there won’t be any difference in the form factor and the same square bump will be seen on this phone as well.

More Details from the Video

If you were wondering what else is new in this video posted by YouTuber MKBHD, there is this frosted glass design seen there. This aspect of the 2019 iPhones was brought to light a few months back but possibly not thought of as big. This new video clearly indicates Apple might go for a frosted glass casing for the new iPhones. This design has been seen on the Google Pixel phones and is Apple doing it with the iPhones as well? Wait till Apple issues an official confirmation.

Wireless charging is yet another feature the video portrays. The 2019 iPhones can be used to wirelessly charge other devices like AirPods. You just have to place them on the iPhone for this charging to start. The rumor that the 3D Touch technology is being done away within this set of iPhones too appears to be confirmed through the new video.

When it comes to Apple, the final word is never said until the company makes an official announcement.

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